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By making your $125 donation today, you can reserve a limited edition engraved brick and leave your legacy on the Gettysburg "Pathway of Preservation."

"Gettysburg is the best known small town in the world, and now you can have a piece of that legacy by purchasing a brick through Main Street Gettysburg during the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg and the Gettysburg Address," said Mayor William Troxell, a native Gettysburgian whose ancestor John Troxell built the first buildings in the heart of historic downtown Gettysburg during the 18th century.

A $125 donation can reserve a limited edition engraved brick, leaving your own legacy in Gettysburg.

Gettysburg – Leave a Legacy

When the smoke and the dust of battle cleared after three terrible days in July 1863, the spirit of the community faced its greatest challenge. More than 24,000 wounded soldiers were left behind, filling homes, barns, churches and stores used as temporary hospitals. The citizens of Gettysburg rose to the challenge of caring for the wounded (24,000 wounded cared by 800 women left in town), dealing with the 50,000 casualties of the battle and handling the horrible aftermath that devastated the town. Once Lincoln came to give the Gettysburg Address, the town’s identity had been forged in steel. The legacy of the strength, commitment and vision of those early citizens continues today in the spirit of Main Street Gettysburg.

Millions of people internationally visit Gettysburg to experience and honor our nation's profound story about its fight for democracy and freedom. Main Street Gettysburg is committed to preserving the historical, physical and inspirational legacy of the town. Main Street Gettysburg’s initiatives preserve historic buildings, streets and the ambiance of the town and tell the stories of both the men who fought here and the inspirational citizens who left their legacy in Gettysburg.

Help Us Lay the Foundation for Preservation

You too can leave a lasting legacy in Gettysburg with an engraved, commemorative brick for you or someone special. Your brick will join thousands of bricks that will collectively lay the foundation for the preservation of Gettysburg’s future and the historic pathways in downtown Gettysburg.

Complete our online order form below to ensure that your engraved brick will be added to the Pathway of Preservation.

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Honor a college graduate, family member, or a member of our military with your $125 donation. Your donation is tax deductible and will allow Main Street Gettysburg to continue its work in the preservation and revitalization of historic Gettysburg for the benefit of its citizens, businesses and visitors.

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Guidelines for Ordering Engraved Bricks
Engraved bricks may contain the name of one person, business, or organization. Only 15 characters per line, including spaces and periods; two lines per brick. Bricks may include Jr., Sr., or III as part of a proper name. Bricks may not include titles, degrees, dates, Mr., Mrs., donor names, cities, states, or personal sentiments; specific military units may be included. "In Memory" or "In Honor" or "Civil War 150th" may be entered on a line above the name.

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